Canada Summer Games

The Forks
Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Entertainment - Alberta Night

on our way from parking

Phyllis and I came early so we could see
David Pestrak

David isn't from Alberta,
but he is from West St. Paul ... close enough.
Great Set

Summer Games Flame

We went to get some thing to eat at "The Keg" patio,
and stopped by the waterfront first.

"The Mission Coast"

I was impressed with this 3 piece band.
We would see them later in the evening.

 ... because we had wandered around some, I believe these are the ...
...(I could be wrong) ...
"Fast Romantics"

-                    -                    -

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
with the "The Mission Coast"
and a bass player added.

Ron McLean
came out to tell some very funny stories and to introduce
Brett Kissel

Long Day,
but the entertainment was awesome.
Winnipeg & Manitoba
for hosting the 50th Canada Summer Games.

~                    ~                    ~