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"My Mother's Tarzan"
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Tarzan No. 6 was to prove the most popular and the actor
most associated with the role of Tarzan.

An undefeated Olympic swimming champion,
from the 1924 and 1928 Olympics,
Johnny Weissmuller
was chosen to appear in MGM's

with Maureen O'Sullivan as Jane.

Burrough's was reportedly paid $40,000.00 for the rights
to "Tarzan The Apeman" and another $5,000.00 to act
as a consultant by MGM.

The movie was a huge success, however this movie set the
precedent for almost all the Tarzan films to follow, in that
Tarzan was not treated like a well educated English Lord, the
way Burroughs intended, but with the inarticulate dialogue of
"Jane, Tarzan" (repeat)(repeat)(repeat)
"Good Morning, I Love You".

Maureen O'Sullivan once said in an interview,

"Weissmuller had the finest body of any man she had ever seen."

In my opinion, she wasn't too shabby either. What a beautiful woman!!!


Johnny Weissmuller    (Born:6/02/1904 - Died:1/1984)

Won five gold medals at two Olympics.
At the 1924 games he won the 100m freestyle, the 400m freestyle,
and was on the winning 4x200m freestyle relay.
At the 1928 games he won the 100m freestyle,
and was on the winning 4x200 freestyle relay.
He set 51 World Records and won 52 National Championship
gold medals in his swimming career.
He is the winner of  36 individual national titles.
He never lost a race in his 10 years of amateur swimming at
any distance, from 50 yards to half a mile.
His record in the 100y freestyle of 51 seconds stood for 17 years.
He also played on two US Olympic Water Polo Teams
of which the 1924 team won a bronze.

Johnnny's first coach who saw him at a local YMCA couldn't figure out
how the young man could swim so fast with his head out of the water.

On July 9th, 1922 Johnny Weissmuller was the first human being
ever recorded to swim 100 meters in under one minute.

At the 1924 Olympics in Paris, Johnny was almost expelled
from the games before they had even started.
The Olympic Team was on a very slow moving train.
A local on a bicycle was hurling obscenities at them.
Johnny jumped off the train, knocked the fellow off his bike,
kind of mangled up the bike, and jumped back on the train.
The U.S. Olympic Committee had to plead with
local and Olympic authorities to allow him to stay.
They succeeded and the rest is history.

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